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New one day self-empowerment workshop

29th January 2011
Spirit Guide Portraits Day Weymouth Dorset UK
30th January 2011
'Become The Star That You Are: Preparing for 2012' Workshop Weymouth Dorset UK
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By the Light of the Star

Nick Ashron's first book By the Light of the Star has been published by Real2Can Books and is available to buy in paperback...

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spirit guide drawings
Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Book your group home booking for Spirit Guide drawing or psychic healing workshops with Nick.

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Elfin Spiral's Pleiadean Love Dance
Elfin Spiral's Pleiadean Love Dance CD re-released for Summer 2008 with new guest vocals...
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Innocence Healing Wings Collection CD Volume 2

Healing Wings: INNOCENCE for healing, meditation or relaxation...

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Spiritual 'Lightworkers'
Greetings All Lightworkers : A Note from Nick Ashron

A message from Nick Ashron about Lightworkers...

"It has come to my attention that most individuals that come to me for a Spirit Guide Drawing have one major aspect in common. This is that you are all ‘Lightworkers’!

A lightworker is an individual that has chosen a specific set of experiences that will facilitate the acceleration of clearing, healing and transforming/transmuting the old fear-based dis-empowering conditioning that is prevalent within the mass consciousness of humanity. In other words, you came here to make a difference in the world. You existed before this particular incarnation and you will continue to exist after it. The memory of your previous incarnations and experiences is temporarily ‘veiled’ when you incarnate into a human physical body. The necessity of this is so that you will fully integrate and become a part of the human condition (in order that you can then facilitate ‘changes’ from within). If you were to incarnate fully conscious you would be an observer here and not a participant.

Furthermore, because we are all intrinsically linked to each other (etherically/spiritually) what you do for yourself affects the ‘whole’ as does the whole affect you (if you let it!). This concept is now being understood by scientists observing their discoveries in the field of Quantum physics and refer to it as the ‘Holographic Universe’ theory. We are witnessing (at last!) that science and spirituality are - coming into union. I see this as a major landmark in the integration and harmonizing of the ‘duality’ that is experienced in this physical Earth plane existence known as the 3rd Dimension.

Science is also understanding that we live in a ‘multi-dimensional’ universe, meaning that there are infinite dimensions of reality all occurring simultaneously in the same the NOW! (”Gods house of many mansions”). In other words, what we refer to as the ‘Spiritual Realm' is not just one place, it is a realm of infinite realities of existence and contains an infinite variety of life-forms, some we know of as Guardians / Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Extra-terrestrials (Star-Beings), Interdimensionals, Elfin and Faery Kingdom, Nature Spirits, Elementals, and others yet to be revealed. ‘TIME’, as we understand it, is an illusion of the 3rd dimension. In other dimensions the time is NOW. The moment a thought is made, it is instantly manifest. Because of the density (slow vibrational frequency) of the 3rd dimension we experience a ‘delay’ before our thoughts manifest in this dimension. This delay is what we call ‘time’. This presents us with a problem, in that at any point during the ‘delay’ period, we can ‘distort’ our original thought transmissions by adding undesirable manifestations such as ‘worry’ (the negative use of our creative imagination), which is based on ‘fear’ (False Evidence Appearing Real).

We are all ‘CREATORS’. Moment by moment we create our own individual personal realities. The reality we create is a direct mirror and reflection of the view (thoughts) we hold of OURSELF, both consciously and ‘subconsciously’…and that’s the ‘minefield!’ (mind-field). We all carry unconscious conditioning in the subconscious. The moment we enter a physical body at birth, we immediately ‘inherit’ the ‘genetic memory’ of the human condition from the cells in our bodies. Every cell in our body has consciousness and therefore ‘memory’. Unfortunately the history of humanity has been dogged with FEAR and DISEMPOWERMENT for aeons. This sits in our subconscious until it is activated by our own personal first hand experiences of fear or ‘put-down’ (disempowerment) when we venture forth from the crib. This then gets magnified by the genetic memory of it and we end up ‘believing’ that it is "all our stuff"! This results in most human beings having a low self-esteem, low self-worth, and generally not feeling very good about themselves. This then becomes the ‘view’ they hold of themselves…which, as you can now understand, is a distorted view - NOT who you really are!

The greatest gift that you can give to others therefore, is to ‘give’ to yourself in the form of ‘nurturing’ yourself and your well-being, doing things that make you feel good about yourself and makes your heart sing! By becoming an expression of the JOY of your own being, you become an inspiration to others, and furthermore you are guaranteeing more joy in this dimension. Be at peace within yourself and recognise who you REALLY are. There are many names given for the source of all-being i.e.; Great Spirit, The Creator, God/Goddess etc. I choose the ‘DIVINE’. Most spiritual teachings admonish that everything is contained within this ‘Divine’ source. We are all therefore ‘one-with’ the Divine. We are ALL Divine beings and the only TRUE way to honour, value and recognize the Divine, is to honour, value and recognize the Divine spark that is YOU!.........THIS IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE! (Choose to view yourself from this acknowledgement and watch how your reality changes…you will be amazed!)

There is a great awakening and activation occurring on the planet right now. Many people are opening up to their ‘spiritual’ self and seeking an understanding of their spiritual path-way. When you consciously focus on your spiritual awareness it increases your vibrational frequency. The increased ‘awakening’ that is now occurring is ‘shifting’ us onto a higher dimensional frequency, we are moving out of the 3rd dimension to be relocated on the 5th Dimension, the quality of which is unconditional love. Be unconditionally loving to yourself.

This dimension shift or ascension is outlined in the Hopi Indian Prophecies and the Mayan Calendar and both give the completion of this activation period as the year 2012 (hence the many 2012 Prophecies and Theories around at this time!).

This activation is accelerating the process of healing, cleansing and transforming or transmuting the last residues of the ‘Old Age’ fear based disempowering conditioning inherited from genetic memory. Each one of us has chosen and designed (we are not victims) specific conditions and experiences that will bring to the surface any remaining residues of the ‘Old Age’ conditioning. Before any healing can take place the ‘poison’ has to come out. We can see this both on an individual and World scale. The one mirrors the other. The BIG world MOVIE speaks of WAR-CONFLICT-TERRORISM - because individually most people are at WAR with themselves, in CONFLICT with themselves and are TERRORISING themselves with all manner of unnamed fears. Let us choose and create a new reality based on the acknowledgment that WE ARE ALL ONE.

I believe that there are many many beings that exist in this multi-dimensional universe inhabiting many different worlds and planetary star systems. There is a council of planetary representatives that have been watching our world with great interest and excitement as they see us prepare for the ‘time-shift’ (dimensional ascension). Most tribal cultures (particularly Aboriginees and Native Americans) have kept the knowledge that the original ancestors of humanity came from the stars (the Star-Beings) and that one day we will be re-united with them. This will occur with the ‘time-shift’.

The further implications of this knowledge is that we carry genetic ‘star-seed’ DNA codings inherited from our Galactic family and this too is currently activating. This will reconnect portions of the brain that have been inactive and many of the abilities demonstrated by all the ‘Masters’ that have come to Earth and the Shamans in tribal cultures, will become our ‘normal’ way of being. Already new children coming into the world (and have been for a while) are demonstrating this. They are being referred to as Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children etc…look out for them!...they are emissaries of Love!.............and so too are YOU!

Bright Blessings courageous Rainbow Warriors of Spirit… WE ARE NOT ALONE… WE ARE ALL-ONE!"

Nick Ashron


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