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Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Spirit and Angel Guides  
Angel Spirit Guide Drawings
Spirit Guides & Angels drawn forth by Psychic Artist Nick Ashron
Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh Regional Awards Ceremony


Nick Ashron is delighted to have been voted 'Popular Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh Regional Awards 2008 in May and to now also have won the award for 'Popular Spiritual/Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions UK National Awards 2008 in September.

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All artwork Copyright © 1994 - 2013 Nick Ashron.


Have your Spirit Guide drawn by Award Winning Psychic Artist Nick Ashron
or request as a unique, beautiful and spiritual gift for someone special...

  • Meet your Spirit Guide through a beautiful A4 pastel drawing to keep forever
  • Use the portrait as a visual tool to connect with your Guide
  • Includes a handwritten Reading by Nick as a channelled message from your Guide

We all have a team of Spirit Guides (or 'Angels') that we have mutually agreed to cooperate/co-create with before coming into this incarnation. Sometimes immediate family members or friends who have passed onto Spirit also choose to become our Guides.

Having spent many years developing his own psychic and intuitive abilities, Nick has established a working relationship with his own Spirit Guides who allow him to connect with your Guides to channel your Guide through drawing.

The portrait of your Spirit Guide has several benefits. The image acts as a trigger, activating your own natural intuitive or psychic abilities. This often results in you perceiving alterations in the face, expression or features. The picture is a doorway into Spirit, which is perceived by your multi-dimensional awareness. As you gaze upon your picture you may receive telepathic transmissions from your Guide. You can use the portrait as a tool to assist you in the development of your own spiritual, intuitive or psychic awareness. Please see more information on how to connect with your Spirit Guides.

When another individual makes a request to Nick to draw their Guide, their Guides immediately respond by linking up with his Guides and use Nick as a channel to facilitate their portrait. This process occurs the moment an individual makes their intent. Because of this process, it is not necessary for the individual to be in Nick's physical presence to draw their Guide - thus Nick is able to facilitate your request by the postal service that he offers, as well as offering personal sittings at Psychic Fayres & Events, in New Age Shops and at Group Home Bookings and is now also running his own Workshops.

As a special bonus, Spirit Guide Portraits are also accompanied by a channelled message about the Guide and how they wish to work with you. This channelled message is either documented by hand-written channelling ('automatic writing') or exchanged verbally in person from Nick and can be recorded onto tape during personal sittings.

Having worked as a Psychic Artist for 13 years channeling and drawing Spirit Guides, Nick has also received some amazing knowledge, wisdom and powerful tools from the Guides - regarding creating and manifesting one's own reality through simple self-empowerment techniques and maintaining one's well-being - which he shares in his first book By the Light of the Star (An Exploration into Creating Your Own Reality), which was also nominated in the Spiritual ConneXtions UK National Awards 2008.


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