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Innocence Healing Wings Collection CD Volume 2

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Selections CD re-released
Nick Ashron's Selections CD

Nick Ashron's Selections
CD has been re-released in 2008 by Real2Can Records...

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Pleiadean Love Dance
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Copyright © Wandering Minstrel
Music / Eflin Spiral
As seen on TV!Nick Ashron's Elfin Spiral
Music CD: Pleiadean Love Dance
Artist: Nick Ashron's Elfin Spiral
Featured Artists: Nick Ashron, Steve Mitchell (Soul Path), Trevor Lloyd, Regin Le Faye
Cover Illustrator/Artwork: Stu Jones
Label: Wandering Minstrel Music / Elfin Spiral
Genre: Alternative, Psychedelic, Ambient, Trance Dance, Chill Out, Electronic, Electro, Synth, Euphoric, Electric Guitar, Progressive, Celtic, Faery, English Folk, Medieval, New Age, World/Ethnic, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual, Spiritual, Occult, Magic, Healing
Play music Click on CD tracks to listen to sound clips:
Elfin Spiral on My Space You can also hear tracks from this CD on MY SPACE on:
01. Crop of Circles *
02. Space to Dream
03. Fly With Me (Merkaba Kid)
04. Maiden Voyage
05. Pleiadean Love Dance
06. Love in the Air **
07. Kiss the Planet
08. Arrival
09. Fire and Ice


Third and latest album by Nick Ashron's Elfin Spiral

Pleiadean Love Dance is inspired by the ancient teachings of many tribal cultures including Native Americans, Aboriginees and Mayans concerning our original ancestory originating from the stars and their beliefs in benign 'Star Beings' that have assisted humanity over aeons. The Pleiades star system is particularly prominent in prophecies including the 2012 Prophecy.

Pleiadean Love Dance is a quirky fusion of uplifting psychedelic and ambient trance chill out with electric guitar and provocative vocals.

Elfin Spiral is a collective of musicians and artists producing alternative and uplifting dance music - where Ambient Trance and Psychedelic Chill Out meets Electric Guitar and Instrumentals. Elfin Spiral was formed by Nick Ashron in 1995 (when they performed at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival Green Fields) as a vehicle for creating a diverse range of inspiring visionary dance music featuring many different guest artists and DJs. Founder Nick Ashron says"The intent of my music is to take the listener on a journey of healing and transformation to a higher state of being".

* 'Crop of Circles' is included on the soundtrack to the stunning new crop circle documentary The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening by filmmaker and songwriter Patty Greer and is also on the soundtrack CD The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening Soundtrack.

** 'Love in the Air' was performed by Nick and special guest singer Carina Coen on Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy on Edge Media TV on Sky 200 in Spring 2009

Influences / Sounds Like:
Musical influences and comparisons include; Steve Hillage, early Genesis, Isao Tomita, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb, Banco de Gaia, System 7, Transglobal Underground, Eat Static and Platipus Records.

Audio CD (1 disc) | Originally Released 2005 | Re-released 2008 | Running Time 60:01 | Recorded at Mouse Studios | Engineering by Buzz 'N' Bee | Copyright © 2005/2008 Eflin Spiral / Wandering Minstrel Music.

Price: £13.99
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"I bought Pleiadean Love Dance at 3 Wishes Faery Fest [June 2008] and am loving it!
The beautiful vocals and great guitar work of Nick Ashron transport you to another dimension. There are some great standards on this album too from Crop of Circles, Fly with Me, Maiden Voyage to the title track.
It is a journey of discovery!!!"
Florida Phil
(Furniture Maker, Dorset UK)
5 Stars

"It is 5am [April 2008]. Had a bad night but after listening to the 2 tracks
[from Elfin Spiral CD Collection] feel relaxed and unwound.
The music was beautiful - great for meditating.
The singer was haunting with the music absolutely superb."

TOPAZ (Dee Ann Blackmore)
(Usui Master & Crystal Therapist, Lanchashire UK)
5 Stars

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