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Elfin Spiral invite the people of the Earth to explore their visionary and musical universe - which is a place to dream, be inspired and well... generally chill out! A place where alternative ambient techno and uplifting psychedelic trance meets electric guitar and gentle celtic folk.

Elfin Spiral was formed by Nick Ashron (Pegasus, Wandering Minstrel Music, Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy) in 1995 as a vehicle for creating a diverse range of inspiring visionary music featuring many guest artists and DJs. Elfin Spiral's music has an ambient dance flavour - a quirky fusion of uplifting psychedelic and ambient trance chill out - but also rather unusually featuring electric guitar and sometimes acoustics, instrumentals and provocative folky vocals.

Elfin Spiral's albums are greatly inspired by concepts of doorways into other dimensions and communications with star-beings - as recorded by many ancient tribal cultures. They are a journey of exploration into new possibilities, realities and dreams - where ancient shamanic teachings and prophecies meet with modern day technology and scientific findings - but above all they are created with joy to inspire the people of Earth!

Founder Nick Ashron says "The intent of the music is to take the listener on a journey of healing and transformation to a higher state of being".

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