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2012 We're Already In It DVD
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dvd: 2012 - WE'RE ALREADY IN IT

Director: Patty Greer
Studio: Patty Greer
Genres: 2012 / Prophecies / Mayans / Crop Circles / Paranormal / Science / Spiritual / Religion / Occult / Magick / Extraterrestrial / UFOs


5 Stars

UFO Congress Convention, Nevada USA

2012 - We're Already In It is the third in a series of films by documentary filmmaker and songwriter Patty Greer, USA.

The film soundtrack features more beautiful, inspiring and mystical music of many artists including Elfin Spiral, Nick Ashron and Patty Greer herself. The first film of the series The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening also features music by Elfin Spiral.

A huge carved stone was unearthed in the Maya lands of Mexico in 1790. It was covered with glyphs, a writing of the ancient Mayans. They called it the Aztec Sunstone or Calendar Stone. The Mayan people knew about 2012 by reading the stars and listening to the voice of the Earth. They preserved their knowledge and their prophecies on this stone.

2012 - We're Already In It offers a rich medley of interpretations of these prophecies, and addresses many other signs of potential upcoming events for our planet. The common intention is to present immediate solutions and resolutions, taking a very positive approach. Is 2012 going to be a Blissful Rebirth for Humanity? Or is doom and gloom headed our way? Is this just another Y2K (consumer) scare? Or could the 2012ologists be right?

Patty Greer travelled through the UK, Europe and around the USA asking respected lecturers, writers and 2012 researchers for their perceptions and conclusions. She offers you the most inspiring ones.

Enjoy exclusive interviews with some of today's most passionate researchers including; Nick Ashron, Patricia Cori, Geoff Stay, Ian R. Crane, Barbara Lamb, Simon Peter Fuller, Isabelle Kingston, Jack Groverland, Marc Cuthbertm Duke O'Neil, Terry Dobney and Gordon Rimes.

2012 - We're Already In It Trailer:
Featuring music by Elfin Spiral 'Fly With Me (Merkaba Kid)' available on Pleiadean Love Dance.

DVD (1 disc - US Import) PAL or NTSC (All Regions) | English | Released 2009 | Unclassified UK Rating | US 'G' Rating | Copyright © Patty Greer.

CD Album DVd: £17.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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" Inspiring, insightful, artistic and extremely positive."

UFO Congress Convention
(Nevada, USA)
5 Stars

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