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Elfin Spiral's Celestial Gateways
Cover Artwork by Nick Ashron
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ALBUM: celestial gateways

Artist: Elfin Spiral
Label: Elfin Spiral / Wandering Minstrel Music
Genres: Alternative / Ambient / Psychedelic / Trance / Electric Guitar

Celestial Gateways (originally the first part of the double concept album Celestial Gateways & Tribal Awakenings) is inspired by concepts of doorways into other dimensions and communication with inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial consciousness recorded by many ancient tribal cultures including Native Americans, Aboriginees and Mayans. It explores modern scientific theories of tapping into genetic/cellular memory tracing back to our ancient ancestry and our links with the 'Star Beings' that are believed to have originally seeded humanity and encoded a DNA trigger into multi-dimensional consciousness.

The music is an unusual and quirky fusion of alternative ambient and uplifting psychedelic trance, with tribal beats, electric guitar and other more traditional instrumentals including acoustic guitar, 'funny' flutes (midi-horn), Native American recorders, and also features euphoric vocals. The album was engineered by the late Dave Goodman (New Age Radio, and Ex-Producer of the Sex Pistols) and Mouse Studios, with additional engineering by William Lightburn.

Listen to sound clip Track Listings
(Click on track to listen to sound clip)
  01. The Gene Pool
  02. The Vortex
  03. Millenium (Gather All the People)
  04. Dreamland 5 *
  05. Mind Sweep
  06. Crystal Skull Speaks **

* Dreamland 5 has now also been remixed by Soul Path as Dreamland 5.1and featured on his new Dragons and Rings DVD.

** Crystal Skull Speaks is included on the soundtrack to the stunning new crop circle documentary The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening by filmmaker and songwriter Patty Greer and is also on the soundtrack CD The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening Soundtrack.

Featured Artists:
Nick Ashron, Larry Lloyd, Tessa Dickinson, Ennis and Mark Ives.

Influences / Sounds Like:
Musical influences and comparisons include; Steve Hillage, early Genesis, Isao Tomita, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb, Banco de Gaia, System 7, Transglobal Underground, Eat Static, William Orbit and Platipus Records.

Audio CD (1 disc) | Released 1995 | Running Time 44:28 | Recorded at Mouse Studios | Copyright © 1995 Wandering Minstrel Music / Eflin Spiral.

CD Album cd: £11.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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"It is 5am [April 2008]. Had a bad night but after listening to the 2 tracks [from Elfin Spiral CD Collection]
feel relaxed and unwound. The music was beautiful - great for meditating.
The singer was haunting with the music absolutely superb."
TOPAZ (Dee Ann Blackmore)
(Usui Master & Crystal Therapist, Lanchashire UK)
5 Stars

"At Glastonbury in 1995 I stumbled into a tent on the Field of Avalon late on Sunday night and heard the most glorious music. I had no idea who it was at the time, but afterwards I learned it was Elfin Spiral, and I bought the Celestial Gateways and Tribal Awakenings tape which has seen an awful lot of play since then. It's also been played to a lot of people, all of whom have enjoyed it immensely. That was possibly my best memory of Glastonbury 1995, and I thank you all for it."
John Upstone

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