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Dragons & Rings DVD
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Audio book (cd): dragons and rings audio book

Artist/Director: Steve Mitchell
Studio: Real2Can Audio Books/Reality Entertainment
Genres: Alternative / Spiritual / Occult / Magick


Dragons and Rings is the first in a series of thought provoking and unique audio books by Steve Mitchell from the Dragons and Rings film which link the most up to date thoughts in Quantum Theory with the placement and structure of stone circles and sacred sites.

The Audio Book (CD) features the atmospheric music of Elfin Spiral, Soul Path, Nick Ashron and other artists from Reality Entertainment. Elfin Spiral's track Dreamland 5 from Celestial Gateways has also been remixed by Soul Path as Dreamland 5.1!

Steve Mitchell asks the questions that modern quantum scientists and archeologists are loath to put on record, such as:

  • What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?
  • How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomenon?
  • Are we alone in the universe or part of a multidimensional matrix with the keys at our fingertips?

With honours degrees in maths and music and over twenty years of research and first hand experience, Mitchell challenges the accepted truth about our ancestors and demonstrates that there may really have been an elder human race that had intricate knowledge of the dynamics of interdimensional existence hundreds of thousands of years ago and that this wisdom has been carried into the present day by sacred and quantum science and esoteric lore.

Step into a world of mystery and myth and put the magick into your life!

Listen to sound clip Audio Book Chapters:
(Click on track to listen to sound clip)
  01. Circle of Stones
  02. Ley Lines
  03. Orgone
  04. Maxwell
  05. Pythagoras
  06. Time
  07. Dimension
  08. Matrix
  09. Quantum
  10. Perception
  11. EI
  12. Geometry
  13. Interdimensional

Featured Artists:
Featured artists include Elfin Spiral, Soul Path, Steve Mitchell and Nick Ashron.

Audio Book CD (1 disc) | English | Released November 2007 | Unclassified Rating | Copyright © Real2Can Books/Reality Entertainment.

CD Album cd: £13.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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