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Dragons & Rings DVD
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dvd: dragons and rings

Director: Steve Mitchell
Studio: Real2Can Films/Reality Entertainment
Genres: Spiritual / Occult / Magick / Quantum Science


Dragons and Rings is the first in a series of thought provoking and unique films by Steve Mitchell which link the most up to date thoughts in Quantum Theory with the placement and structure of stone circles and sacred sites.

The DVD features the atmospheric music of Elfin Spiral, Soul Path, Nick Ashron and other artists from Reality Entertainment. Nick Ashron's Elfin Spiral track
Dreamland 5 from Celestial Gateways has also been remixed by Soul Path as Dreamland 5.1! Also includes a bonus music video!

Steve Mitchell asks the questions that modern quantum scientists and archeologists are loath to put on record, such as:

  • What is the real purpose and function of stone circles?
  • How are they linked to the crop circle and UFO phenomenon?
  • Are we alone in the universe or part of a multidimensional matrix with the keys at our fingertips?

With honours degrees in maths and music and over twenty years of research and first hand experience, Mitchell challenges the accepted truth about our ancestors and demonstrates that there may really have been an elder human race that had intricate knowledge of the dynamics of interdimensional existence hundreds of thousands of years ago and that this wisdom has been carried into the present day by sacred and quantum science and esoteric lore.

Step into a world of mystery and myth and put the magick into your life!

A Dragons and Rings Audio Book is also available on CD.

Dragons and Rings Trailer:

DVD (1 disc) PAL or NTSC (All Regions) | English | Released 2007 | Unclassified Rating | Copyright © 2007 Real2Can Films/Reality Entertainment.

CD Album DVd: £13.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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Dragons and Rings is an absorbing DVD tour of metaphysical mysteries
Dragons and Rings is an absorbing DVD tour of metaphysical mysteries ranging from ancient stone monuments to dragon lore, crop circles, UFOs, and more. Did an elder human race have sophisticated access to inter-dimensional reality hundreds of thousands of years ago? Are we alone in the universe, or are other civilizations just beyond our fingertips? Enhanced with the spiritual music of Soul Path and other Reality Entertainment artists, this delving into quantum theory and paranormal phenomena is sure to intrigue and delight occult studies enthusiasts."

Midwest Book Review
(Oregon USA)
5 Stars

Well Done Documentary
Wandering through the hills of ancient Europe, Steve Mitchell weaves a fascinating presentation of many of the world's underlying mysteries. From the works of Wilhilm Reich to the study of ley lines as well as quantum mechanics and unseen forces yet to be discovered. Found this DVD highly entertaining and educational."

Dan Alexander
(Amazon User, California USA)
5 Stars

Great DVD
This is a very interesting and informative look at UFO happenings including sightings and crop circles. They were explained in a way I had not previously heard. Very believable and detailed.
This DVD was entertaining for me even as a UFO questioner."

Maria Noel Starkey
(Amazon User, California USA)
5 Stars

Paranormal Documentary!
"Scientific facts about UFO and the paranormal realm. Before I watched this movie I had my doubts about UFO's,
but this DVD
definitely changed my point of view! "

Carolyn Saunders
(Amazon User, California USA)
5 Stars

Dragons & Rings & Interesting Things
" Steve Mitchell gives us a unique, educational movie about crop circles, stone circles, pyramids, UFO's and paranormal activity. Using quantum theory, mathematics and science, the author presents his hypothesis in a straightforward, interesting manner. The beautiful music and graphics give visual depth to a well-researched and easily believable concept as to why these things happen and how they relate to each other.

(Amazon User, USA)
4 Stars

Thoroughly Enjoyed
"Through England's hills and valleys and much of Europe there are hidden mysteries which have yet to be revealed. This DVD takes you on a journey to discover them along the lines of What the Bleep Do We Know.
I absolutely loved this documentary and its host.

June Stirling
(Amazon User, West Covina USA)
4 Stars

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