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Twilight World CD
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ALBUM: the journey on

Artist: Soul Path
Label: Real2Can Records/Reality Entertainment
Genres: Folk / Celtic / Spiritual / New Age / Meditation


Let Soul Path take you on a journey - a journey into the world of music, spirit and meditation. Featuring songs and music, old and new, this CD from Soul Path with Steve Mitchell and Mike Stone, combines the enchanting vocals of Feradre and James with special guest musicians including Nick Ashron, Roger Wallace, Mark Olly, David Berkinhead and Damien Cavanagh.

Described as a fusion of Enya, Clannad and Dido their music is something else with its own unique style and sound. It comes from the heart and soul and most importantly from the universe itself.

The illustrious and compelling music of Soul Path has graced the films of best selling author Philip Gardiner and is making its way into the ears of listeners around the globe. Those who have heard them know of the evocative power and lure that beckons from the group's haunting yet soothing, mysterious yet re-assuring compositions, each being a journey in itself, taking the listener to far away places in the past present and future.

The Journey On is an empowering album speaking directly from the divine - the voice of the universe itself. Soul Path is a remedy for those who seek to fill a spiritual void.

Listen to sound clip Track Listings
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  01. Celtic Myst/Cyhiraeth/Open Your Eyes (Remix)
  02. Avalone
  03. Morning Light (Amrun Kalina in Elven)
  04. Childhood
  05. Waterfall
  06. Niamh (Irish Celtic Goddess of Beauty and Brightness)
  07. These And Many Other Things (Instrumental)
  08. Mma Yana (Our Sanctuary)
  09. Diancecht (Irish Celtic God of Healing)
  10. Hushaby
  11. Avalone (instrumental)

Morning Light Music Video:

Diancecht Music Video:

Featured Artists:
Soul Path (Steve Mitchell, Mike Stone and Samantha Baker) with guest artists including Nick Ashron.

Influences / Sounds Like:
Musical influences and comparisons include; Enya, Clannad and Dido.

Audio CD (1 disc) | Released 2007 | Running Time 38:16 | Recorded at Buzz 'N' Bee Studios | Copyright © 1997/2007 Steve Mitchell, Mike Stone, Buzz 'N' Bee Music.

CD Album cd: £11.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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