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The Wake Up Call Soundtrack CD
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Audio cd: The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening Soundtrack

Artist: Patty Greer, Nick Ashron and Steve Mitchell
Studio: Patty Greer
Genres: Compilation / Film Soundtrack / Alternative / Psychedelic / Ambient / Trance / Dance / Chill Out / Electronic / Electro / Synth / Euphoric / Electric Guitar / Acoustic / Instrumental / Progressive / Prog Rock / Celtic / Folk / Faery / New Age / World / Relaxation / Spiritual / Occult / Magic / Healing / Songs / Ballads / Pop / Rap


The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening Soundtrack is the musical soundtrack to the stunning new crop circle documentary The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening by filmmaker and songwriter Patty Greer, USA.

The CD soundtrack features the beautiful, inspiring and mystical music of
Elfin Spiral, Nick Ashron, Steve Mitchell/Soul Path and Patty Greer herself. .

This is a Wake Up Call to LISTEN.

Listen to sound clip Track Listings
(Click on track to listen to sound clip)
  01. Heart Song (Patty Greer)
  02. I Fly In My Dreams (Patty Greer)
  03. Autumn Glow (Patty Greer)
  04. Hearts Don't Lie (Patty Greer)
  05. Peace Be Still (Patty Greer)
  06. Never End (Patty Greer)
  07. Ditty (Patty Greer)
  08. Crop of Circles (Elfin Spiral)
  09. Its a Wonderful Life (Elfin Spiral)
  10. Into the Fire (Nick Ashron)
  11. Temple of the Sun (Nick Ashron)
  12. Tribal Awakenings (Elfin Spiral)
  13. Crystal Skull Speaks (Elfin Spiral)
  14. Celtic Myst (Steve Mitchell/Soul Path)
  15. Mma Yana (Steve Mitchell/Soul Path)

Featured Artists:
Elfin Spiral, Nick Ashron, Patty Greer and Steve Mitchell/Soul Path.

Influences / Sounds Like:
Musical influences and comparisons include; Steve Hillage, early Genesis, Steve Hackett, Yes, Camel, Wishbone Ash, Clannad, Enya, Dido, Kate Bush, Isao Tomita, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb, Banco de Gaia, System 7, Transglobal Underground, Eat Static and Platipus Records.

Audio CD (1 disc - US Import) | Released 2008 | Copyright © Patty Greer.

CD Album cd: £13.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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