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The Wake Up Call DVD
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dvd: The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening

Director: Patty Greer
Studio: Patty Greer
Genres: Crop Circles / Paranormal / Science / Spiritual / Religion / Occult / Magick / Extraterrestrial / UFOs


The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening is a stunning new crop circle documentary by filmmaker and songwriter Patty Greer, USA. The film includes superb photography and the soundtrack features the beautiful, inspiring and mystical music of many artists including Elfin Spiral, Nick Ashron, Soul Path and Patty Greer herself.

Experience something few humans will ever get to see : CROP CIRCLES. Temporary Temples of exquisite artistry that display sacred geometry and ancient symbols. They're showing up in farm fields all over the world and last only a few precious months, then fade away quickly into the harvest. Filmed in the Summer of 2007 in Wiltshire UK, this feature film is being called one of the best Crop Circle Documentaries ever made.

Fly over the Magical UK Crop Circles and go deep into the formations. Enjoy exclusive interviews with some of today's most passionate researchers and locals including; Nick Ashron, Patricia Cori, Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, Palden Jenkins, Charles Mallett, Bearcloud, Terry Dobney, Geneva MacLaughlin, Tony Hughes and Patricia Cota-Robles.

See shocking footage of a crop circle being made by balls of light that seem to communicate with each other. Tour megalithic stone formations. This film will answer most of your crop circle questions and (most likely) enhance your dreams.

This is a Wake Up Call to LISTEN.

The Wake Up Call Anybody Listening Soundtrack is also available on CD.

The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening Trailer:
Featuring music by Elfin Spiral available on Pleiadean Love Dance.

DVD (1 disc - US Import) PAL or NTSC (All Regions) | English | Released 2007 | Unclassified UK Rating | US 'G' Rating | Copyright © Patty Greer.

CD Album DVd: £17.99
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Album Download download: £7.99
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Crop Circle Awakening
Patty Greer's inspired film, 'The Wake Up Call ~ Anybody Listening'
is truly a journey of egoless wonder and the embracing of wisdom and collective experience in the crop fields of England. In her truly feminine and gentle way, she explores the magic of what is unfolding before our eyes, if only we will see. See this film, open your heart, and fill your soul with all that is possible
at this incredible time of Starseed Awakening."

Patricia Cori
(Acclaimed Author of The Sirian Revelations Series, Italy)
5 Stars

By Far the Best Documentary Film On Crop Circles To Date
"As you know, I have read a number of books on crop circles and seen most of the highly recommended films on the subject, of which 'THE WAKE UP CALL ~ ANYBODY LISTENING' is the best.
Having attended the 2005 Crop Circle Symposium in Glastonbury, England and visited first hand numerous crop circles, and listened to many authorities lecture on this phenomena, I have two conclusions.
First, I believe that anyone who looks into the crop circle phenomena with an open mind will be convinced that they are manifestations of some intelligence or power beyond human capability. The claims that these majestic mandalas in the fields are man made are beyond absurd in the face of the documented evidence
and personal testimonies to the contrary. Which leads to my second conclusion:
'The Wake Up Call ~ Anybody Listening' is by far the best documentary film
on crop circles to date. Kudos to you, Patty Greer, for making the most informative,
inspiring and beautifully crafted movie on this mind blowing subject of crop circles."

Jack Groverland
(Unity Minister, USA)
5 Stars

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