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Carina Coen
Carina Coen

Carina Coen (an "Urban Mermaid") - Live Guest Singer for Elfin Spiral

London based Irish singer Carina Coen has been "a secret singing mermaid" for quite some time now and in 2006 she produced an album of acapella (no music just her voice) called The Love Unknown. They are songs with themes about love, relationships, mermaids and the sea.

Carina is very connected to nature and sea spirits hence her theme of mermaids and faeries to convey a wonderful message about healing. She is passionate about our magnificent sea creatures especially dolphins and whales. She supports and advises marine conservation charities in London including Marine Connection and The Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) - global charities protecting dolphins and whales worldwide.

Carina connected with Elfin Spiral Founder Nick Ashron at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in May 2008 whilst
promoting her main business in holistic beauty treatments for her private clinic in London with Irish Atlantic seaweed products and Mermagical Ocean Oracle card readings. Nick asked Carina to sing for Elfin Spiral at the 3 Wishes
Faery Festival in Cornwall in June 2008 which celebrated the Summer Solstice and everything fae and beautiful in
nature - "truly a magical experience"!

Carina is preparing her own work for more performances and is enjoying singing with Elfin Spiral as she believes
there are deep healing messages conveyed in their happy songs.

As seen on TV!  
on Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Carina sends"Love to you on your journey ;-)".

To hear Carina's own songs visit www.myspace.com/mercarina and for for her Mermagical Ocean Oracle cards
and holistic therapies visit www.mercarina.com.

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