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Elfin Spiral Band History

From Pegasus to Elfin Spiral...

Nick Ashron - Founder of Elfin Spiral, originally set-up the band Pegasus as one of the earliest "New Age" progressive rock bands back in 1979. Recognising the potency of sound as a medium to channel healing energy, Pegasus performed at one of the first ever Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London. After song-writing for other bands, Nick Ashron went on to create a series of acoustic and instrumental albums under his own label Wandering Minstrel Music in the 1980's and 1990's as well as being on the Cloud9 record label. Nick rapidly made a name for himself in and around the alternative festivals and fayres that were growing which promoted a spiritual, ecological and holistic awareness, including the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in the UK performing in 1992 with the fun band he called Crazy 4 Animals. Along with Nick, the Crazy 4 Animal's line up included many artists who also went on to perform with Elfin Spiral including Woo's Mark Ives and Dave Goodman's New Age Radio (Ex-Producer of The Sex Pistols). The band also headlined performances at The Seed - the first "New Age/Ambient Dance" club in London's Soho in 1992, and in 1993/4 Nick Ashron supported Dave Goodman's New Age Radio on stage at the Whirl-Y-Gig - London's leading Global Community Dance Club.

In 1995 Nick formed Elfin Spiral, originally as a dance music project where he could work with other artists, and released the double concept album Celestial Gateways and Tribal Awakenings which was performed by Elfin Spiral at the Glastonbury Festival Green Fields. It was to be another few years until With Eyes Wide Open was released in 2001 (although originally just under Nick Ashron's own name but on the Elfin Spiral label), and Elfin Spiral's latest album Pleiadean Love Dance was originally released in the Summer of 2005 and has now been re-released in the Summer of 2008 with new vocals and wider distribution. The album includes the track 'Fire and Ice' co-written by Soul Path's Steve Mitchell and additional violin arrangements by Trevor Lloyd. Elfin Spiral's music is currently being used in several alternative feature films and they look forward to doing soundtracks and music scores for future productions.

Elfin Spiral's guest artists come from all over the world including the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Spain! Live guest vocals have been performed by Carina Coen, Regin Le Faye, Angel Sisters and Apollo Pendragon, with supporting guest sets by Soul Path and trance techno DJ Marc Salamanda (The Fridge, Club 414, Tolerance).

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