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vIDEO PROMO: HUsh Little Dreamer (Lovers Lullaby)
Artist: Elfin Spiral/Nick Ashron
Release Date: April 2008
Producer: Steve Mitchell, Real2Can Films

A new music video promo has been released to promote Hush Little Dreamer (Lovers Lullaby) - a much more acoustic track from the Elfin Spiral gang which will be released on Elfin Spiral Founder Nick Ashron's new album in progress - Down in the Greenwood - on Real2Can Records. Featuring Nick Ashron on acoustic guitar, vocals by guest singer Regin Le Faye, keyboards by Steve Mitchell and violins by Trevor Lloyd.


"I find the video and the music and also your new singer very very beautiful and breathtaking...
Keep on doing what you are doing..."
Tonya Hountingwolf Billington
(Aura Photographer & Crystal Therapist, Staines UK)
5 Stars

"the videos are excellent and the music is great."
Steve and the team at the Tribe of the Light
5 Stars

"Beautiful! Regin's voice coupled with the music is magical and enchanting."
saschasmum, YouTube User
5 Stars

"this is absolutly fab love it"
fairybeka, YouTube User

"Really enjoyed Hush Little Dreamer."
Susan Louise Tho
(Nurse & Reiki Teacher, Pembrokeshire UK)

"I have just tuned in to you [Nick] and Regin Le Faye singing Hush Little Dreamer. It was awesome and I cant wait for you both to sing for the folks in Pembrokeshire on the 12/13th April and they are very lucky because you will be with us at the awards ceremony in May as well. I think that the people of Pembrokeshire are in for a real treat. 
Well done to both of you."
Rosemary Griffiths
(Healing Consultant, Pembrokeshire UK)

"thankyou for that amazing experience. please please give me more."

"Love the song. What a great location for the video!"
Canolaj, YouTube User

"sounds really nice!"
yidneth, YouTube User

"ace, great music, brilliant video"
Esoteric Online Radio

"Beautiful from start to finish!"
Real2Can Records

Overall YouTube Rating:
4 Stars
You can also leave your feedback on You Tube at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mHef8FHA0tk


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