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Mark Ives
Mark Ives

Mark Ives of Woo and "Fast Fun" - Guest "Funny Flutist" for Elfin Spiral

Mark Ives is part of brotherly duet Woo - who have been highly acclaimed by music critics over the past 25 years including NME and Melody Maker for their unique fusion of alternative, experimental, and electronic soundscapes with instrumental, acoustic guitar, as well as for their relaxation music for healing.

Mark is a regular Elfin Spiral special guest attending many gigs. Mark has been working with Elfin Spiral Founder Nick Ashron since way back and even before they performed with the fun band Crazy 4 Animals at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in 1992 and at the first "New Age/Ambient Dance" club in Londons' Soho called The Seed. He also gigged with Elfin Spiral at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995.

Mark has featured on several Elfin Spiral albums on his "funny flute" and midi-horn.

Mark also works with various other people under the name "Fast Fun" - people in this band have included Nick Ashron, Clive Ives, Alma Ruby, Brian Lee, Pia Struck , Stella Clover, Jo/looby Loo, Freida Mai and The Union Band.

As seen on TV!  
LOOK OUT FOR MARK AS A SPECIAL GUEST PERFORMER on Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy!

For more information on Woo's music visit or www.woo-music.co.uk or www.myspace.com/woounion.
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