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Nick Ashron
Nick Ashron

Nick Ashron - Founder of Elfin Spiral, Visionary Artist, Author & TV Presenter

UK based Nick Ashron started writing songs at an early age whilst living abroad in Borneo with his parents, where he got involved with several local bands. On returning to England in the late 1960's to go to art college he soon left to set-up his own portrait studio as an artist in a number of holiday resorts where he once again became actively involved with the resident bands.

After song-writing for bands including Gold (whose record sales reached over quarter of a million in Russia!), Nick's interest and involvement in healing and spiritual development grew and recognising the potency of music as a medium to channel healing energy, he started writing music with this intent and formed the band Pegasus - one of the first "New Age" progressive melodic rock bands. Pegasus performed at one of the
earliest 'Mind, Body and Spirit' festivals held at Earls Court London in 1979.

Nick then worked for a Music Copyright company in London as a Licence Negotiator, issuing licences for the use
of music in television, film, video and advertising productions. This gave him the motivation to set up his own music
label - Wandering Minstrel Music, and he initially produced four albums that represented the Four Elements;
River Song Suite, Earthdance, Out of the Mist and Temple of the Sun. He was also on Matthew Manning's
Cloud9 record label.

Nick rapidly made a name for himself in and around the festivals and fayres that were growing which promoted a spiritual, ecological and holistic awareness. This also included the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in 1992 in the UK
performing with the fun band he called Crazy 4 Animals (inspired by an animal welfare group his then 12 year old daughter Anna Celeste set-up!). He also gave a performance with this band at the first "New Age/Ambient Dance"
club in London's Soho called The Seed. During this period Nick also had several of his songs performed by other
artists all over the world, including Woo and Dave Goodman's New Age Radio (Ex-Producer of The Sex Pistols). In 1993/4 Nick Ashron supported Dave Goodman's New Age Radio on stage at the Whirl-Y-Gig - London's leading Global Community Dance Club.

In 1995 Nick then formed Elfin Spiral and created a double album project entitled Celestial Gateways and Tribal Awakenings which was performed at the Glastonbury Festival in the same year. Nick has recorded 2 more albums under Elfin Spiral - With Eyes Wide Open and the recently re-released Pleiadean Love Dance.

Nick has recently worked with Elfin Spiral Guest Artist Trevor Lloyd on a collaborative acoustic guitar and violin folk album Twilight World they are promoting in the USA. He is also currently working with Elfin Spiral Guest Artist Steve Mitchell on Nick's new album in progress Down In The Greenwood, as well starring in music promos under
Real2Can Records
. He is also working on a new solo project producing a series of ambient music specifically for
use in healing practices such as Reiki, Shiatsu, Yoga, Massage and Meditation, which will be entitled The Healing Wings.

Nick Ashron's (as well as Elfin Spiral's music) is also being featured on several new DVDs in 2007/2008 including
Steve Mitchell's own films under Reality Entertainment, plus independent films and soundtracks by American
filmmaker Patty Greer plus Norwegian filmmakers.

Nick is also a Visionary Artist and Author. His first book By the Light of the Star (An Exploration Into Creating Your
Own Reality)
was recently published by Real2Can Books in 2007. Nick also draws Spirit Guide Portraits as a
Psychic Artist. He recently won two awards for 'Popular Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh
Regional Awards 2008
AND 'Spiritual ConneXtions UK National Acknowledgement Awards 2008 where his music including Elfin Spiral music was also nominated for 'Best Spiritual Audio/Visual Content'.

Nick is often to be seen performing his own music and Elfin Spiral music at holistic fayres throughout the UK.
You can also often find him exploring the latest crop circle formations in Wiltshire UK in the Summertime!

As seen on TV!  
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Nick has now also launched his very own TV show on Edge Media Controversial TV on Sky Channel 200:
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy. The show launched on March 2nd 2009 and is on weekly at 12pm (UK time) Mondays and repeated Thursdays 12pm and Sundays 1pm. Each show concludes with a piece of music by Nick and/or his guests so look out for regular Elfin Spiral performances! The next new series is due to start in September 2009.

For more information on Nick Ashron's other more instrumental and healing music under his Wandering Minstrel
Music label, plus his visionary and psychic artwork and upcoming TV show, visit www.nickashron.com.
All his other CDs are also available to buy from the Elfin Spiral Online Shop.

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