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Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell of Soul Path - Guest Keyboard Player for Elfin Spiral, TV Presenter & Filmmaker

Midlands based Steve Mitchell has been playing piano since he was six and took up clarinet, classical organ and keyboards in his teens. Having graduated from university with a Bsc in Music and several grade eights, he has been involved in the music industry ever since, enjoying such diverse occupations as working for Yamaha Music, lecturing in local schools and colleges and directing shows and musicals in the cultural quarter of Stoke-on-Trent.

Establishing the production company Buzz'n'Bee Music in 1995 - Steve played in various bands, from folk to rock to reggae, and has composed scores for TV, film and theatre, and has over 150 published works to his credit.

He has also spent most of his life using music and performance for therapy with a wide range of people and abilities. He is a Psychic, Reiki Practitioner and ChiosÒ Master and Wiccan and likes to fuse these into his music making it a focus on healing, transformation and messages of peace and fulfilment from the wisdom of the indigenous peoples and star peoples.

Steve is a regular Elfin Spiral guest artist and digitally mastered, performed on and co-wrote a track with Elfin Spiral Founder Nick Ashron for Pleiadean Love Dance.

Steve is also currently working with Nick Ashron on Nick's own new album Down In The Greenwood, as well as producing music promos under his own new record and publishing label Real2Can (part of Reality Entertainment),
plus working on music with his own band Soul Path ("The Voice of the Universe").

He also produces films for Reality Films and will soon have his very own TV series - Mitchell's Wyrd World on
on SKY 211 and Virgin Media. "Steve Mitchell, musician, author, film producer and human observer, travels the breadth and depth of Britain's green and pleasant lands, observing, reporting and experiencing the world
of wyrd and wonderful events and happenings, and talking to those involved."

For more information on Soul Path music visit www.soulpath.info and www.myspace.com/soulpath.
For more information on Mitchell's Wyrd World TV show visit www.mitchellswyrdworld.com.
Some CDs and DVDs are also available to buy from the Elfin Spiral Online Shop.

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