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Trevor Lloyd
Trevor Lloyd

Trevor Lloyd - Guest Violinist for Elfin Spiral

Los Angeles based Trevor Lloyd began lessons on the violin at nine years of age. When he was eighteen he received a scholarship to study under Manuel Compinsky of the Compinsky Trio and the NBC Orchestra. He was principle violinist of the All-Southern California High School Honor Orchestra, performing at the Dorothy Chandeller Pavilion in Los Angeles, and Cal State Northridge Symphony Orchestra, both under the conductorship and tutorage of Dr. Lawrence Christiansen.

He soloed in his own classical piece, Sonata for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, which was performed by the San Fernando Valley Symphony in California in 2001.

He was also a founding member of the prog rock group Underwater Traffic in which he wrote and performed on electric violin and keyboards several songs that appeared on the CD Return to the Deep in the late 1990's.

More recently he contributed several songs and performed on the prog rock group Audiosynchrocy's self-titled CD and also soloed on Clearlight's Symphony CD in 2003.

Trevor has recently worked with Elfin Spiral Founder Nick Ashron on their own collaborative acoustic guitar and violin folk album Twilight World he is promoting in the USA.
He also features on Elfin Spiral's album Pleiadean Love Dance where he wrote additional violin arrangements.

Trevor says "My goal is to prove that the electric and acoustic VIOLIN can fit in and add to rock, metal, hip hop,
alternative, and blues, as well as the more traditional styles of folk, country, jazz and classical.
Throw something at me. I'll show you what I mean!"

For more information on Trevor's other music visit www.myspace.com/treviolin.
Some CDs are also available to buy from the Elfin Spiral Online Shop.

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