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Nick Ashron TV
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy

Show 2 of Series 2 originally broadcast on Monday 14th September 2009
(Repeated Thursday 17th & Sunday 20th)

Theme: Animal Communication (Giving Animals a Voice)
Guests: Jackie Weaver
and Lisa Kyle

Nick Ashron's Lightworkers Guide to the Galaxy TV Show
Edge Media TV
Sky TV
Jackie Weaver and Lisa Kyle with Nick Ashron
Jackie Weaver and Lisa Kyle joined Nick to talk about Animal Communication and giving animals a voice
Elfin Spiral performing music on Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Show

Nick and special guest musician Mark Ives (of Woo - played the show out with 'Beautiful Evening' from the album 'Sing for You (Thoughts on a Day)'

Jackie Weaver

Jackie Weaver
Animal Communicator Jackie Weaver joined Nick to talk about her Animal Communication work and her aims to 'Give Animals a Voice'.

Jackie described her journey into the wonderful word of animal communication, which started in 2005 after she had cancer and was given just 4 weeks to live. She recovered to her Doctor's amazement! She feels that she has always had a connection with animals but after all the complimentary healing she received to treat her cancer she could communicate even more and just hadn't recognised her abilities before. She decided to give readings for pets to the people who had helped with her healing, as a thank you, and her 'Animal Insight' work grew from there.

Jackie explained that she communicates with animals on a certain frequency and that talking to animals is like talking to children! Many rescue animals want to thank their owners and pets share insights into their owners and other pets too. She feels that animals are just like humans but in different bodies. She described how she works with her Spirit Guides (one of whom she had drawn as a Spirit Guide Portrait by Nick!) and that animals have their own Guides, and the Guides act as mediators to interpret the thoughts, feelings and images she receives from the animals - so it is basically a form of telepathy. She also gets animals in spirit appear occasionally, and does also get people in spirit come through and can also telepathically communicate with people BUT she chooses to work with animals.

She told Nick how she loves her job and wants to improve the lives of animals and for people to recognise that they have their own unique thoughts, feelings and opinions, and are very receptive and open to spirit, as well as being very honest!

Nick mentioned about the reading that Jackie gave to one of his daughters for her two cats as he heard the conversation (from his daughter's home) and was amazed at how accurate it was, particularly as her cats have completely different personalities in basically every way and she got them to describe themselves to a tee! (Check out Anna Celeste Watson's testimonial on her cats Klee and Andromeda on Jackie's site).

Jackie was later joined by one of her clients Lisa Kyle who shared the story of Henry the cat who features in Jackie's upcoming book of stories from her work as an Animal Communicator, as they both share a passion to let people know about Animal Communication and that it is very real and empowering for both the animals and their owners.

To find out more about Jackie Weaver's work visit

Nick would also like to say a special thank you to Jackie for offering to talk to one of his grandchildren - 5 year old Niamh - who is a special little girl with special needs who cannot talk. Jackie is NOT available to talk to people telepathically as her work is with animals, but she kindly did this especially for Nick's other daughter Carly and it happened to be on her birthday and she said it was the best birthday present ever - so thank you again Jackie for another emotional and amazing reading! : )

Lisa Kyle

Lisa Kyle
Nick and Jackie were joined on the show by one of Jackie's clients Lisa Kyle, who talked about communication from her point of view, and outlined the wonderful story that evolved around her and Jackie's joint efforts to try and help a very special cat called Henry (who features in Jackie's upcoming book)!

Lisa feels that animals have a message for humanity and we need to recognise them as sentient beings.

She told the story of how she put out a request to the universe to help a stray cat and straight away - along came Henry the cat! Lisa got in contact with Jackie and asked her to communicate with the stray cat who had started visiting her and he said that he had been abandoned by his owners so lost trust in humans and had turned from domesticated to a stray. Lisa said that "These little beings show me amazing things" and that they give us gifts. The stray cat brought up Lisa's own issues with abandonment and she had to accept that he didn't want to live with her and that we have to allow individuals to live their own lives. She believes that Henry also saved her life by distracting her very unusually and playing with a toy in her house which made her late for a bus where if she were on time, could have crashed into her at the bus stop in an accident.

Lisa explained how she was inspired by Henry and despite his sad passing away into spirit, she has started to hear him herself now, and she now also does distant healing for animals as well as studying other forms of healing to help people clear emotions, beliefs and old patterns.

To contact Lisa Kyle please contact Nick Ashron for a personal referal.


"I have just  watched the Animal Communication broadcast with Nick Ashron and I must say I found it extremely enlightening. Jackie [Weaver] was such a wonderfully articulate, sensitive and humorous guest. It was the best show that I have seen for a long time. I wish her all the very best for the future - long may the fantastic work continue and spread throughout the world. I am so very envious of her ability to communicate with animals as that has been a wish of mine for the past 40 odd years and friends have often thought me insane for chatting away to cats and dogs as I would do a human. It was a brilliant experience for me to listen to her and confirmation that it really can be done. So, thank you very much once again."
Jan Meakin (UK)

"The first [show] I saw was about Animal Communication with Jackie Weaver.  I must say I found it very interesting and straight away made contact with Jackie as I was having a problem with my dog recently. Jackie has helped immensely as she has found the underlying problem by talking to my dog. My dog has an inner ear problem which the vet and I had no idea about.  However, the vet and I are now working to fix this and it would not have happened had I not watched Nick's brilliant show.  As Jackie says, Nick goes to great lengths to get genuine people on the show, and Jackie certainly is this. It was also nice to find out about my dog's previous life before we got her from the rescue home.  It made a lot of sense and I have no doubt this was coming from my dog!
I wish Nick all the best with his show, it is really nice to see something on TV which is not too commercial and is of interest to myself and others like me."
Neshla Avey (UK)




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