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Nick Ashron TV
Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy

From Series 2 broadcast on Wednesday 21st March 2012
Theme: Spiritual Surgery
Guests: Raymond and Gillian Brown with Spirit Guide Paul of Tarsus

Nick Ashron's Lightworkers Guide to the Galaxy TV Show
Edge Media TV
Sky TV
Jilly and Ray Brown with Nick Ashron
A brand NEW show premiered on Wednesday 21st March 2012 with world renowned Spiritual Healer & Surgeon Raymond Brown, with his wife Gillian and Guide Paul of Tarsus

The Show - Spiritual Surgery with Raymond Brown

World renowned Spiritual Healer and Surgeon Raymond Brown joins Nick on Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy to talk about his amazing 40 year journey, his extraordinary partnership with his Spirit Guide Paul of Tarsus, and is joined by his wife Gillian Brown.

After chatting to Ray and Jilly about how they met and their work together, Ray's Spirit Guide Paul of Tarsus, who lived 2000 years ago at the time of Christ, is channelled through Ray to speak directly to Nick in this fascinating show where two special guest lightworkers become three special guest lightworkers!

Paul talks about why he chose Ray as his medium for his spiritual healing work, how they work together, and why he has chosen to work with Ray at this time after 2000 years of preparation in the spirit world.

Paul also talks about the books A Mere Grain of Sand and The Eternal Truth and shares his experiences of karma, reincarnation and spiritual evolution with God "as the source of all creation" and his thoughts on how humanity has (and has not) progressed since his physical incarnation two centuries ago.

Nick had the pleasure of meeting Ray, Jilly and Paul before the show through a previous guest Quintin Smith who trained under Ray, and comments on the show how he believes they are truly genuine lightworkers, who are really "walking their talk".

Raymond Brown

Raymond Brown, the Medium

Ray was born in 1946 and lived for most of his early life in Portsmouth. He went into the building trade and became site manager for a construction company. Ray trained to become a healing medium; following his out of body experiences when he was only 5 years old. During a demonstration by the renowned Harry Edwards, Ray was picked at the age of 17, from the audience to go on stage and assist the great man.

Healing soon became a way of life for Ray. He continued to work hard on developing his mediumship and finally, when he was 21, Paul of Tarsus came through and they have been working together ever since.

Ray's mediumship is unique in that when working with Paul he is completely taken over and is not aware of anything that is done whilst Paul is in control.  It is a partnership of complete trust which has developed over the many years they have worked together.  As far as he is aware there is no other medium who works in this unique way.

Raymond Brown was voted the UK's Best Known Healer 2007 and has appeared in the press and on television many times.

Paul of Tarsus

Paul of Tarsus, the Spirit

Paul is Ray's Spirit Guide. Paul lived 2000 years ago, at the time of Christ, in Tarsus which was then under Roman rule.

After his blinding on the road to Damascus, he came to believe in the teachings of Jesus, although he did not actually meet him. He was eventually beheaded by the Romans for preaching the words of Jesus the Christ.

After 2000 years of preparation in the spirit world, Paul chose Ray as his medium to bring spiritual healing into place alongside conventional medicine.

Gillian Brown

Gillian Brown, the Assistant

Gillian is Ray's wife and Paul's assistant who organises and oversees the running of his very busy clinics. 

Ray and Jilly live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK and have adapted to their very busy way of life doing extensive travelling to help patients in the healing clinics. 

Spiritual Surgery

Ray works in a deep state of trance in a very natural way with Paul to provide spiritual healing/surgery to his patients. Together, Paul and Raymond have treated thousands of patients with all manner of illnesses from sciatica and disc problems, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel, joint pain, tennis elbow,  arthritis, rheumatism, IBS, stomach pain, endemetriosis, hiatus hernia, infertility, eyes, ear, nose, and throat problems, MS and ME, neurological conditions, heart conditions, stroke, and much more.

Spirit Paul, a highly respected Spiritual Surgeon, chose Raymond when he was a baby to train for his healing work on the earth plane.

The partnership between Raymond and Paul has grown, and gradually a unique technique has been perfected, so that Raymond can be completely removed from the physical, allowing Paul to remain in our atmosphere for many hours so that he can treat his patients.

Raymond and Paul have been working in this way for over four decades, thus allowing Paul to successfully treat thousands of people including doctors, surgeons, millionaires and celebrities, as well as all manner of illnesses and conditions. Paul specialises in neuro-surgery, but is also a heart surgeon.

Ray works in clinics around the UK in Bury St Edmunds, Lutterworth, Dorking, Bricket Wood, and Brighton, where Paul treats his patients.

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The Books

Ray Brown A Mere Grain of Sand

A Mere Grain of Sand

In this extraordinary story both Ray Brown and Paul of Tarsus give accounts of their lives and Paul explains how and where we all survive our physical death.

This dramatically intertwined story of Ray, his wife Gillian and Paul could easily grace a Hollywood blockbuster. While training to be a trance medium, Ray's own life was a white-knuckle roller coaster ride through childhood traumas, several near-fatal accidents, two turbulent marriages and a desperate, botched suicide attempt. Only Gillian's arrival, contrived by Paul, brought a vital stability to his healing mission. Despite the great magnitude of the book's claimed revelations, the essential humility of its central figure is reflected in its title.

I am just Paul,' he says. A servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.'

Ray Brown The Eternal Truth  

The Eternal Truth - Spiritual Teachings of Paul of Tarsus

The Eternal Truth is a companion book to A Mere Grain of Sand, going further into detail about life in Spirit, spiritual progression through the many levels, karma, animals, children, reincarnation, training and working in the spiritual realms, as well as covering earthly matters and controversial questions from a spiritual perspective.


Nick Ashron's Review:

'These books reveal the extraordinary 40 year journey of Ray Brown, now Britain's foremost Spiritual Surgeon, and his Guide Paul of Tarsus. Thoroughly enjoyable, fascinating and inspiring stories. The teachings of Paul are profound and simple to understand. Highly recommended.
5 Stars


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