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Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Have your Angel or Spirit Guide drawn by Psychic Artist Nick Ashron.

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Angel Spirit Guides - Frequently Asked Questions
Some answers to some questions Nick is often asked about Spirit Guides
Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh Regional Awards Ceremony


Nick Ashron is delighted to have been voted 'Popular Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions Welsh Regional Awards 2008 in May and to now also have won the award for 'Popular Spiritual/Psychic Artist' in the Spiritual ConneXtions UK National Awards 2008 in September.

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All artwork Copyright © 1995 - 2009 Nick Ashron.


What is the benefit of a drawing of my Spirit Guide?
The portrait of your Spirit Guide has several benefits. The image acts as a trigger, activating your own natural intuitive or psychic abilities. This often results in you perceiving alterations in the face, expression or features. The picture is a doorway into Spirit, which is perceived by your multi-dimensional awareness. As you gaze upon your picture you will receive telepathic transmissions from your Guide. You can thereby use the portrait as a tool to assist you in the development of your own spiritual, intuitive or psychic awareness.

Why do we have Spirit Guides?
We all have a team of Spirit Guides (or 'Angels') that we have mutually agreed to cooperate/co-create with before coming into this incarnation. Sometimes
immediate family members or friends who have passed onto spirit also choose to become our Guides.

It has come to Nick's attention that most individuals that come to him for a drawing of their spiritual guides have one major aspect in common - this is that you are all ‘Lightworkers'.


How does Nick channel the Guides?
Having spent many years developing his own psychic and intuitive abilities, Nick has established a working relationship with his own Guides. When another individual makes a request to Nick to draw their Guide, their Guides immediately respond by linking up with his Guides and using Nick as a channel to facilitate their portrait. This process occurs the moment an individual makes their intent. Because of the process described above, it is not necessary for the individual to be in Nicks physical presence to draw their Guide. Thus Nick is able to facilitate their request by the postal service that he can provide, which includes written information about the Guide, how they wish to work with you and a message from them. This information is exchanged either by hand-written channelling, verbally, or can be recorded onto tape during personal sittings or Group Home Bookings.

See Nick's Profile section for background information on how Nick developed his skill for drawing Spirit Guides.

Do we have more than one Guide?
Yes - we all have a team that we have mutually agreed to cooperate/co-create with before coming into incarnation. These can be a whole array of beings from; immediate family members, ancient ancestors, angelic sources, advanced masters/teachers, elemental elfin/fairy energies, to cosmic star beings!

Generally the Guide that comes through is the one most appropriate for what is happening for you NOW! Therefore it is only necessary to have one Spirit Guide picture drawn at a time. However Nick does have requests for several drawings at a time, or over a period of time, for people who are aware of the whole team of beings that they work with, for example, Channels, Mediums, Healers etc.

What kinds of Spirit Guides does Nick channel?
Every kind of being - whoever wishes to come forth to assist you! These can be a whole array of beings from; immediate family members who have passed onto Spirit, Ancient Ancestors including Native Americans and Mayans, Indigo Crystal Children, Angelic Sources, Advanced Masters/Teachers, Elemental Elfin and Faery Energies, to Cosmic Star Beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and just about anywhere else in the universe!

Nick Ashron Spirit Guide Examples:
Here are just some of the Spirit Guides who Nick has drawn for other people.
Click on slideshow pictures for enlargements

How do I work with my Spirit Guide picture?
Please see the section on HOW TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE PICTURE for details on connecting with your Spirit Guide through your Spirit Guide Portrait.


How do I request a drawing of my Spirit Guide?
Spirit Guide Portraits are £55.00 each.

There are several ways you can have your Spirit Guide drawn by Nick:

  1. Personal Sittings at Psychic Fayres or in a 'New Age' shop (UK only)
  2. In person during Spirit Guide Group / Home Bookings (UK only)
  3. Post a cheque using Nick's postal service (UK only)
  4. REQUEST NOW IN NICK'S ONLINE SHOP using Nick's Worldwide postal service (You can request a Spirit Guide Portrait online now through Nick Ashron's Shopping Bag and pay securely online through Paypal)

If you would like to talk to Nick personally to discuss your request further, please call Nick on his mobile on +44 (0) 7801 530573 or use his Call Back Form.

How long will it take for me to receive my Spirit Guide drawing?
Nick endeavors to complete requests for Spirit Guide Portraits within 1-2 weeks of payment. However, if you need your picture to be sent more urgently, for example in time for a birthday gift, please contact Nick to make special arrangements. For more information on delivery please see the section on UK & International Delivery under Terms.

Are there any relevant books or websites that Nick can personally recommend?
Nick Ashron recommends the following books and websites for further reading. Please note that the recommendation of these books does not necessarily mean that Nick endorses every single word in them. Take as he did, those things that resonate with you, and put them to the test. Your own personal experiences will be your validation!

The Sirian Revelations Series by Patricia Cori:

No More Secrets, No More Lies (A Handbook to Starseed Awakening)
Patricia Cori - Lightwork Press

Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light
Patricia Cori - Author's Choice Press

The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-up Call for Humanity
Patricia Cori - Gateway Books

You can also check out Patricia's weekly radio show 'Beyond the Matrix' on

Bringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleiadians
Barbara Marciniak - Bear & Company

Legends of the Star Ancestors: Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World
Nancy Red Star - Bear & Company

ET 101 : The Cosmic Instruction Manual
Zoev Jho, Diana Luppi and Mission Control - Godsfield Press Ltd

The KRYON Series
Lee Carroll - Kryon Writings,US

The Ptaah Tapes: Transformation of the Species
Jani King - Charles T. Banford Company

Arcturians (Arcturian Star Chronicles)
Patricia Pereira - Beyond Words Publishing

Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage
Lyssa Royal - Light Technology Publications

The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space  
Phyllis V. Schlemmer - Gateway

The Arcturus Probe: Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation
Jose Arguelles - Windrush Publishing Services

The Celestine Prophecy
James Redfield - Bantam

Conversations with God Series
Neale Donald Walsch - Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Bridge Across Forever
Richard Bach (Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story ) - Pan

Era of Peace Website & Newsletter by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Newsletter by Estara (The Goddess News - Awakening Your Potential)


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